Contract Hire

What is contract hire?

Contract hire means agreeing to take control of a car for a fixed period but not owning the vehicle at the end. Together with the leasing company you reach an agreement to make fixed monthly payments for the duration of the lease period. At the end of the contract you return the car to the Kendall Cars and you can then choose to renew for another set period or walk away completely.

Your contract hire payments are decided by a number of factors.

  • Vehicle Make and Model
  • Any Addiontal Extras (colour, spec, etc).
  • Mileage allowance required per year
  • Servicing and Maintenance packages
  • Length of Agreement


How long can you hire for?

Contract hire agreements can be on a 2, 3 or 4-year option.


Can insurance be included?

No with contract hire you would need to provide your own fully comprehensive insurance. If you looking to have all your running cost covered (apart from the fuel you use), you would need to look at our shorter lease term option FlexiLease. Please click here for more info.


What are the pros and cons of contract hire?

Many of the pros and cons of contract hire are dependent on the hirer. For example,


  • If you’ve got your own business, and its VAT-registered, you are leasing the car, keeping it off your balance sheet, deducting the cost from your profit, and reclaim 50% of the total payments made and 100% of the maintenance package costs.
  • Often the lowest upfront & monthly cost for a brand-new car (especially upmarket models).
  • Road tax and breakdown cover included – sometimes, servicing too.
  • No worries about how much value your car will lose during your lease.
  • You pay monthly then hand your car back to the Kendall Cars at the end of the contract, you can then either renew or walk away.


  • You won’t own the car – you’re just the driver.
  • You don’t get the cash when the cars finally sold.
  • Limited mileage. Drive over the limit, and you’ll pay for it. Excess mileage charges range from 9p to 12p per mile.
  • Prices don’t usually include VAT, so add an extra 20% on headline deal rates.
  • If the car’s written off, and the insurer’s value is less than the leasing company’s, you may be liable for the difference.

So, if you want to be able to budget with fixed monthly costs, like the idea of not having to sell the car on and want to drive a new vehicle every few years, then contract hire is ideal. It is also perfect for businesses as it allows them to update fleets regularly with the latest vehicles, avoid large down-payments and adjust fleet size based on staff numbers.


Looking to Get A Quote?

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* Please note that Kendall Cars is only able to offer contract hire to companies that have been limited for more than 18 months