Frequently Asked Questions


Most of our Diesel vehicles use AdBlue (This is marked on your rental agreement alongside the fuel type).

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is used to reduce NOx emissions in vehicles. AdBlue converts harmful NOx from your diesel vehicle exhaust into harmless nitrogen and steam, therefore considerably reducing the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) that are a major source of atmospheric pollution.

Practical tips

AdBlue is very easy to use and is a harmless substance. It is not a fuel, nor a fuel additive but a high purity urea solution that must be used in a dedicated tank on your vehicle, that should just be refilled as and when required.

Where can I buy AdBlue?

You can buy AdBlue from numerous fuel forecourts across the UK & Europe or from suppliers of vehicle parts i.e. Halfords, Kwikfit, main dealerships, etc.

We will keep the vehicle topped up, but it is the drivers responsibility to check Adblue levels while in use. An empty Adblue tank means the vehicle won’t run and an expensive recovery bill.


We accept drivers aged 25-70yrs with a full clean licence. If you are 21-24, 75-80, or have certain endorsements it ‘may’ still be possible to hire if arranged by phone with the branch prior to pick up. Insurance charges and the excess may vary. Please ring the relevant branch. Drivers over 80 years will need to arrange their own Fully Comprehensive insurance to cover the vehicle and produce a cover note.

Airport Information

We offer a personal delivery and collection service or a meet and greet service. Airport rentals are restricted to a minimum hire period of 7 days due to the airport charges. If we are to meet you at the airport then you will be greeted by one of our representatives as you come through the arrivals gate whereupon you will be escorted to the vehicle and driven to our nearest branch to complete the hire.

Upon return we require the hirer to return the vehicle to the requested branch whereupon we will then drive you back to the airport terminal. If you have arranged to take the vehicle from the airport then the procedure is the same except you would take the vehicle directly from the airport and then return it directly to the airport (selected car park). You will be given full instructions of how to leave the vehicle when you pick it up.

Note: We do not allow direct airport collections later than 10pm or when public transport is restricted.


We make every effort to supply the vehicle ordered or an acceptable substitute at the time. Please inform us if you need a specialist vehicle.

Breakdown Cover

For your peace of mind Kendall’s provide a 24 hour emergency telephone service through TTS360 who use the RAC and AFL for roadside assistance 0844 800 1980. This breakdown cover is exclusive to the UK and the insured drivers only. Driver induced faults are not covered by our breakdown insurance and therefore are chargeable by the RAC/AFS or through Kendall Cars Ltd. These include, but are not limited to: Misfuel, Wheel change, damaged tyres, Out of fuel, Lockout, Lost/broken key, RTA recovery (unless fault of 3rd party) We do not provide breakdown cover for vehicles going off the UK mainland.

BVRLA Rental Charter

As a member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association we pledge to provide for our customers:

  • A vehicle suited to your needs maintained to the manufacturer’s recommended standards, which has been cleaned and thoroughly checked.
  • Access to clear rental terms and conditions prior to any transaction taking place.
  • Clear and transparent details of pricing, fuel policies and any excess mileage charges.
  • Clear and transparent details of any financial liability relating to the damage, theft or loss of the rental vehicle or its keys, all the available damage and theft protection options, and exceptions to this protection.
  • Clear and transparent details of any optional products sold at the point of booking.
  • The opportunity to inspect the interior and exterior of the vehicle before the rental to ensure they are in line with the condition stated on the inspection report or rental agreement.
  • The opportunity to inspect the vehicle when it is returned at the end of rental and agree on its condition. if you are not present when the vehicle is inspected, the supplying company will notify you of any new damage found when charging your nominated payment card.
  • Our adherence to the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing association’s code of conduct as set out in this document.
  • An effective complaints procedure with access to the Conciliation Service administered by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association.


We recognise that some travel plans may change. We can therefore offer to move your booking to another date in the future with an admin charge. If you wish to cancel your booking you will be charged a third of the cost of the booking unless it is cancelled within 24 hours of the booking being made. Bookings cancelled 24hrs before the day of collection will lose full payment.

Bookings cancelled within a week of collection for busy holiday periods (July & August Summer holidays, Bank Holidays, Easter holiday or over Christmas holiday) will not receive a refund if cancelled and cannot be deferred to another date due to the business costs involved in planning and purchasing vehicles for these key holiday periods. We would recommend that you arrange an independent travel insurance to cover for these eventualities during the uncertainty from any government travel restrictions.

If we have to cancel your booking due to events beyond our control we will attempt to offer you an alternative vehicle or an alternative collection / delivery location or we will provide a full refund.

Bookings that are cancelled due to an invalid licence or undisclosed endorsements i.e licence bans, TT99 or above 6 points – will loose their full payment.






CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)

Reduce the stress and financial worry of paying the higher insurance liability if you are involved in a collision. Our CDW cover reduces your liability if you have a collision whilst driving a hire vehicle, or damage that is caused to the vehicle whilst parked or unattended. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) reduces the excess payable by the hirer in the event that the hired vehicle has been involved in a collision. This is a contractual waiver that must be taken at the start of the rental period rather than an insurance product. Typically, this will reduce the excess from between £1000-£1500 down to the deposit amount (£300 – £500). This depends on endorsements, driving experience, type of vehicle being hire and the intended use of the vehicle.

Our cover also removes the liability for LOU (Loss of use) following after a accident whereby you can be liable for up to two weeks LOU while the vehicle is in for repairs. CDW reduces this to zero.

The CDW option will be available during the checkout process.

Checking a vehicle weight

If you need to clarify a vehicles weight i.e. before travelling over a weight restricted bridge, etc. Please use this link to check the details on the vehicle hired from us:

Complaints Resolution

At Kendall Cars Ltd we strive to offer the highest quality of service and product. If for any reason you as a customer are unhappy with the service provided you should in the first instance contact the Branch Manager at the depot where the vehicle was rented from. If you are unable to resolve any issue or complaint with a Branch Manager or you are not satisfied with the response from the Kendall’s Branch then you can contact the resolutions team at head office by emailing:

Or write to:

Resolutions Dept, Kendall Cars Ltd, 34 Aldershot Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 8AF

Please outline the nature of your complaint and provide the hire agreement number and or vehicle registration number. The complaint will be reviewed by one of our resolutions team who will investigate the matter. You will receive a reply within 7 days of us receiving your email or letter.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

As Kendall Cars Ltd are members of the BVRLA, we also offer an alternative dispute resolution service for all customers. If having participated in our complaints and resolution procedure you feel a matter is still unresolved then you may refer the dispute to the BVRLA directly.

Details should be submitted by email to: or can be sent by post to:

British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, River Lodge, Badminton Court, Amersham, HP7 0DD

The BVRLA will aim to resolve the matter using the information presented by both parties to the dispute.

Continental Hire

We can arrange for our vehicles to be insured on the continent. There is a additional charge for this service, which can only be quoted directly from the branch you wish to pick up from. Hirers must arrange their own European breakdown cover for their time spent off the UK mainland. The AA provides European Breakdown cover (previously known as Five Star), customers are able to cover the vehicle for a specific number of days. AA European Breakdown cover will not be available if the vehicle is used for commercial use. The number to call to arrange the cover is 0800 444 500

We do request that all continental enquiries be made by phone unless you are not based in the UK and the time difference makes this difficult – in the latter case please email your enquiries the branch you are due to collect from. Please note that Eire or N. Ireland are considered non UK hires.

NOTE: AA 5-star may not cover some larger vehicles. The full breakdown cover must provide roadside assistance, recovery back to the UK and provide a suitable replacement vehicle to continue your journey. Additional rental insurance must also be added along with our permission to take the vehicle overseas. Failure to do so may cause the vehicle to be stopped, impounded, seized and additional costs charged to the hirer – please speak to the branch before hiring.

NEW rules from 21st May 2022 – Please check that you can travel without a Operators licecence for transport of goods by visiting the Government website here

Failure to provide an operators licence if required will prevent you entering Europe with our vehicle – we can not offer a refund on your hire if this happens.


We will provide a VE103B form for each vehicle taken over seas at a £15 charge. Details regarding the form can be found at the BVRLA website

When travelling in France: French low emission zones (ZCRs)  or  Permanent low emissions zones restrict access (both for driving and parking) to certain vehicles based on their Crit’Air vignette, only allowing access for those displaying a certain category.
These restrictions are in place permanently (usually between certain hours and/or on certain days) and all vehicles seeking entry will need to physically display a sticker regardless of their category, or risk landing a fine.
As of July 2023, ZCRs that might affect drivers arriving from the UK are currently implemented in the following locations in France:
• Aix-Marseille-Provence region • Bordeaux (coming ni 2024)
• Clermont-Ferrand
• Grenoble
• Lyon Marseille
• Montpellier • Paris
• Reims • Rouen
• Strasbourg ToulouseParis, Lyon, Grenoble and through the Mont Blanc tunnel.

All our vehicles are Euro 6 and will require a ‘Crit’Air sticker if traveling to these French cities/areas. Please ask for more information when booking. The sticker is set against the vehicle and can not be changed, it also takes 7-14 days to arrive. Fines range from £60 to £117 –

Northern Ireland – If you intend travelling to Northern Ireland please inform us at the point of booking as extra insurance charges may apply.

Dartford Crossing Charge

If you travel over the Dartford Bridge or through the Dartford tunnel you must pre-pay the toll fee online OR by phone 0300 300 0120 using the vehicle registration details. (Do not confuse the letter O with the number 0 (zero) as this will invalidate your toll payment) A £25 Admin charge will apply for unpaid penalty fees for each crossing due to the paperwork and time taken to deal with each case.


A returnable deposit is required from a valid credit or debit card and must be banked before the vehicle is taken. There is a standard £1000-1500 excess on most vehicles with a £300-500 returnable deposit paid on collection of the vehicle. (Larger vans, trucks, automatic cars and prestige vehicles require higher deposit and excess).

The excess on the insurance can be reduced if you choose to include Collision Damage Waiver cover and if accidents are reported at the scene on the roadside to our incident report line (details attached to hire agreement). For more infomation on CDW please visit

Deposits can take 3-7 working days to clear back into the account when refunded. Some online banks take longer to process your refund – please check directly with the bank if unsure.

Customers from outside of the local branch area OR under 25 years will have a higher excess and deposit on the insurance. If you cover both categories then you may be refused insurance. Please call your local branch for further information. (The excess can be increased on collection of the vehicle without prior warning).

We do not accept cash deposits, American Express, Visa Electron OR ‘Electronic use only’ cards for the deposit (inc Metro Mastercard and Chase bank). Pay-as-you-go cards and cheques are also not accepted.


Our prices are set as standard and only change with seasonal sales. Kendall Cars Ltd and controlling directors actively support selected local and global charities. As this is the case discount is not offered to charities in general nor any groups, businesses or individuals. Kendall cars can be available for sponsorship or endorsement, but all requests must be made in writing and forwarded to the Managing Director at the Guildford office.

Driver Qualification Card (DQC)

Professional bus, coach and lorry drivers are now required by law to hold the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) in order to drive for a living. You and your employer risk being fined up to  £1,000 each if you have not accomplished your Driver CPC and you are found driving professionally. After you have passed the initial qualification you will receive your Driver Qualification Card (DQC), which you must carry at all times while driving a large goods vehicle or passenger-carrying vehicle professionally. You can get a £50 fixed penalty for driving professionally without your DQC.
For more information about Driver CPC and DQC please visit

Driving Licence

Hirers must have held a full licence for at least 12 months. For minibus and Cargo rentals hirers must have passed their test prior to January 1997 or hold the relevant categories on their license. Please check all endorsements with your local office when booking as some endorsements are not acceptable. The New UK licence now only comes as an ID card driving licence and must be checked prior to collection online using the drivers National Insurance number, post code and licence number to then generate a check code (see Generate licence Check Code) to show to our staff to confirm licence status. Without this code we will have to check via the DVLA centre which costs an additional £5.00 per licence check.

If you have a driving licence issued by a country which is in the European Economic Area (EEA) (The European Economic Area is composed of all the countries of the European Union (EU), namely Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom PLUS Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), and you are visiting the UK, you can drive for as long as your licence remains valid.  Alternatively, you can apply at any time to exchange your licence for a British one.  If you wish to continue driving in the UK after your EEA licence expires, a British driving licence must be obtained.

If you have a driving licence issued by a country which is NOT in the European Economic Area (EEA) but you hold a licence from a designated country, you can drive any category of vehicle shown on your licence for up to 12 months from the date you last entered the UK. Proof of entry into the UK will be required along with your passport.

It is a criminal offence to drive using a licence that is not valid in the UK.  In addition, if you do so, the car insurance will be invalidated and you will be committing a further criminal offence of ‘driving without valid motor insurance’.

Driving Tips for visitors to the UK

When driving in England please be aware of parking restrictions, toll fees, box junctions (painted yellow hatching’s usually on traffic lights and road intersections) and signs restricting vehicle access or use (for example in many towns/city’s we have lanes that are signed and marked as only for buses).  Enforcement cameras do cover these areas and you will be subject to a fine should you not comply with these regulations.  The websites below may prove useful when planning your trip:

Visit Britain


Driving Tips


Many endorsements are acceptable eg, an SP30 for just 3 points (speeding). Howevever, 6 points or more and higher penalty endorsements may cause either a higher excess or refusal of hire. Management reserve the right to refuse hire for any endorsements if needed. If in doubt please ring the pickup branch with the details of your endorsements and conviction dates etc.


We do not have fuel pumps on site or the capability to refill before every hire, therefore customers are expected to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel in the tank as when the vehicle was first picked up. i.e. if the vehicle is picked up with half a tank of fuel, then it is to be returned with half a tank. If the hirer returns on less fuel then we will charge for the difference in fuel required to bring it to the same level at the local fuel station. A note of the fuel type is marked on the hire contract and on each vehicle’s fuel cap. Any costs associated with using the wrong fuel or running out is not covered by the insurance.

Generate Licence Check Code

DVLA Check Code Process

Due to the change in law surrounding driving licence checks, we must now check your driving licence history online. This is to ensure that you comply with the Kendall’s insurance policy. To avoid any unnecessary delays on the day, please complete the following steps prior to collecting your vehicle:

1. Visit to bring up the page “View or share your driving licence information” and click on the green “Start now” button.

2. On the next page please enter your driving licence number, National Insurance number and the postcode on your driving licence.

3. Please read the privacy policy and then tick the “I agree” box and click “View Now”.

4. You will arrive at a page showing your driving licence information, please click on the right-hand tab at the top of the page “Share your licence information”

5. Click the green button saying “Get a code”

6. Below the check code please click ‘Print or save a driving summary’. Once your driving summary has opened, please take a screenshot of this page or print off the check code page to show to the Kendall’s team when you collect the vehicle.


Fully comprehensive insurance is included in the quotations and arranged for you with a trusted third party insurer. The price quoted includes full and comprehensive insurance for use in England Wales and Scotland for all drivers listed on the hire agreement. This is included in the price paid upon collection. Additional insurance costs will apply for EU and Northern Ireland. The hirer is always responsible for up to their excess amount on any damage unless they call the accident through from roadside on the dedicated phone line.This allows the insurers to act quickly and reduce 3rd party costs or staged accidents. This will then reduce the excess down to the deposit amount. Exclusions will apply.

We do not allow our vehicles to perform in the ‘3 peak’s challenge’ or any other activity that is timed event or a race. This will invalidate the insurance.

We require all drivers to fill out a insurance proposal form upon pickup and show their full driver’s licence and 2x additional proofs of address. There is a small cost for additional drivers of £4.50 per additional driver per day. The insurance does not cover anything that comes down to negligence i.e., interior damage, tyre damage, overhead/roof damage, wing mirror damage, damage from overloading. Failure to abide by the terms and conditions of each hire may revoke the insurance cover and thus make the hirer fully liable for all costs. Please see full terms on the hire contract and the additional insurance page issued on collection.


Please view our locations page for our list of branches.

Loss of use

Following an accident or theft including parts stolen from a vehicle the standard daily rental charge will be made for loss of use of the hired vehicle for each day that it is unavailable for hire up to a maximum of 14 days after the incident.

Please refer to rental terms and conditions and summary cover documentation or contact your Kendalls Branch if you would like further information before hire.


150 miles included per day for all cars (after which is 10p +VAT per mile) – unlimited for car hires over 7 days.

100 miles included per day for all vans (after which is 10p +VAT per mile)

100 miles included per day for all 7.5 ton trucks (after which is 15p +VAT per mile)

100 miles included per day for multi-seaters (after which is 15p +VAT per mile)

A record of the mileage is taken before the vehicle leaves the branch/airport and again when it returns to calculate mileage costs.

Minimum Hire Periods

During peak seasons and bank holidays some vehicles will have a minimum hire period to either cover the days the branch is closed or when there is a high demand for the vehicle due to holidays, etc. Sometimes you may be able to book for less days than the minimum hire period if you book closer to the required hire date. Please call your local branch for more information.

My driving history or circumstances means some insurance companies won't cover me. Can I still hire a vehicle from Kendalls?

We realise that some customers may have previously been involved in accidents or have accumulated points on their licence that prevent insurance companies and other hire car companies from offering their services. At Kendalls we adopt a pragmatic approach and have a dedicated team that can arrange to hire with insurance to individuals with varying records. In some circumstances an additional insurance premium or other terms may be applied in accordance with fair and reasonable underwriting practices.

Online Bookings

Please note that the online booking facility will normally take 24hrs to be processed – in some cases it may take longer – therefore we strongly advise that if you are booking a car or especially vans and multi-seaters to pick up within the next 7 days that all bookings be made by phone with the particular branch you wish to pick up from. It is usually the case that most vans are fully booked for weekends about 3-5 days in advance, therefore, online bookings stand less chance of being confirmed in time. For phone numbers for each branch please see the contact page. All online bookings are processed in person and are not automated therefore your booking requests are not valid until you have received confirmation from the branch – we will not accept responsibility for hirers assuming the vehicle they have requested has been booked if it has not been confirmed by the issuing branch.

Opening Times

Please see each branches page from the locations page for opening hours. Hirers are requested to be at the branch at least 30mins before closing for pickup. Vehicles can be dropped back outside working hours at most sites.


We accept payment by credit/debit card. We accept: Visa, MasterCard, Delta and Visa Electron (not for deposits). Cash & Cheque’s are no longer accepted for payment.

Payment can be taken via PDQ terminal or tokinized through a Gateway payment system with SagePay and WorldPay.

Pets in vehicles

We cannot allow pets in our vehicles due to possible allergys from other customers. Cleaning, damage and Loss of use charges will apply if we find that a pet has been in our vehicles. Basic cleaning charge starts at £50.

Peak Rate Surcharge

During peak periods of business or while we have a shortage of vehicles we may quote an additional Peak Rate Surcharge on our vehicles. This helps us to cover the additional costs during peak periods where we have to move more vehicles and purchase higher priced stock. Thank you for your understanding.

Pickup/Return Times

All our hires run from 8am to 8am (Eight in the morning GMT) regardless of actual pick up time. It is vital the vehicles are back on time – hirers can be charged up to 3 times the daily rate for late return (depending on trouble caused). We are always happy to extend the hire if we can, but the hirer’s must ring 24 hours before the hire ends. Other times can be arranged if the vehicle is booked by phone and certain conditions met. Vehicles can be dropped back outside working hours and the keys posted in the keys returned boxes. Ask the branch when picking up for more details.

Price Variations

Please note that the prices will vary between branches, however, it is only a very small amount due to regional economic differences (London and Home counties sites). It is mainly vans that are affected by this. The online quotations will give an accurate enough quote. There is a small extra cost for any additional drivers of £4.50 per driver per day if required.


Web site quotations only reflect the price at the time and point of enquiry please wait for your official booking confirmation or telephone your Kendall Branch for immediate confirmation. Kendall Cars Ltd reserve the right to adjust prices, terms or to withdraw quotations. For online quotes please use the side quote bar. Vehicles listed are examples of each price range.

Quotes include all local taxes, fully comprehensive insurance, UK breakdown cover and a mileage allowance (unless specifically stated otherwise). There is no need to purchase any more comprehensive insurance unless you wish to cover your excess. There is a small extra cost for any additional drivers of £4.50 per driver per day.

If you have any query or concern please do not hesitate to contact your Kendall branch by phone or email.




Hire refunds can only be given if we have received at least 24 hours notice before the vehicle is returned early from hire and only if we can re-book the vehicle out again. Over peak periods there may be no refund as we would have turned down advance bookings already. We have found that Monzo, Metro and Starling banks can take up to 31 days to process a refund.

Booking deposits are non-refundable, however, in some cases they can be transferred to another single hire date minus an administration fee.

Terms and Conditions

A further list of terms and conditions are available by clicking here or viewing the Terms and Conditions link under Hire Information on the main menu. Management reserve the right to change any terms and conditions without notice or not comply to the published material if certain circumstances arise. Management reserve the right to refuse to hire or cancel hire without notice under special circumstances.

Van Rental

If unsure about the type of van you require it is normally easier to phone through the booking or enquiries as specific information can be given and the booking can still be completed fully. Please click here for a list of branch numbers. Please phone the particular branch you wish to pick up from.

Windscreen Cover

All our vehicles are covered by windscreen insurance which is included in the price. This will cover stone chips and cracks to the front screen caused by road debris for peace of mind when driving. There is a £75  excess regarding front windscreen damage.

However, our cover does not cover damage to the windscreen when caused by neglect or vandalism.

What to bring on the day?

Please bring the following when you collect your vehicle:

  1. Driving licence – Please bring the original driver’s licence as we do not accept photocopies. For a UK DVLA licence – please complete an online licence check at DVLA and bring the printed form showing the endorsements page or provide the licence check code for us to check on arrival. For other licence types please bring your passport with you. There is a small extra cost for any additional drivers of £4.50 per driver per day and we must see each driver at the office.
  2. Credit Card – we need this to secure the payments and use for your returnable security deposit.
  3. Additional form of ID (showing current name and address) – i.e. utility bill, bank statement etc.
  4. Any paperwork or quotes provided when you booked.
  5. If visiting from outside the UK please bring your passport along with a contact address of where you will be staying in the UK.

Going to the council tip or recycling center?

If you are clearing your home, garden or moving non dangerous rubbish waste with our tipper trucks or vans (not loose material). Please make sure you check with the recycling center or tip to make sure they allow the vehicle on site, any charges or if you need to provide a permit.

Unusually for car rental, the price quoted is the final price!