Accidents and Recovery

What to do following an accident or theft


  1. Phone emergency services if anyone is hurt.
  2. Phone Active Fleet Solutions on 0844 800 1980 (24 hours). Fail to do so and you will be charged your full insurance excess instead of your deposit.
    Typical Example £200 deposit or £800 Insurance excess, your contract refers.
  3. If you have a smart phone take images or video at the scene, this should be emailed directly to
  4. If the vehicle is not driveable then the vehicle is recovered, and a replacement may be provided depending on circumstances of the accident.
  5. If the vehicle is OK to drive, then arrange with their branch to swap the vehicle onto another vehicle to continue the hire.
  6. The details of the accident are passed to our claims manager who handles the 3rd parties claim and the hirers – details should be sent to
  7. Further information may be required while the claim is being processed
  8. If the accident is the 3rd party’s fault, and only when liability has been confirmed, the hirer will receive their deposit back.
  9. If the hirer is at fault then the deposit will be kept, and any additional charges will also be made to the hirer – these costs may include recovery costs and loss of use of the damaged vehicle.

Make sure you record exactly who was in any vehicle you hit – even where they may have been sitting. Don’t admit any responsibility. Take photos and report the accident immediately to the accident line. By using the Accident Line and giving full assistance you may help prevent accident fraud. If you suspect the accident has been set up – call the Police!

(Claims costs can grow rapidly if they are not dealt with immediately. It is the hirer’s responsibility to give all assistance)


Please call the incident line support team on 0844 800 1980 for roadside support. They will be able to send warranty cover assistance or Breakdown Assistance to help in the event of a breakdown with a Kendall Cars vehicle. Driver induced faults are NOT covered by our breakdown insurance and therefore are chargeable. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Misfuel Wheel/tyre change
  • Out of fuel
  • Lockout
  • Lost/broken Keys
  • Road traffic collision Tyre Damage