100 Years of family ownership at Guildford HQ

May 1924 Archie Robinson

This month we are proud to celebrate 100 years of family ownership at our Head Office in Guildford. Starting back in May 1924 with Archie Robinson (the great, great Grandad) who built the original house and previous workshop.

The original plan was to run a transport business delivering supplies, but this failed during the general strike and instead he started charging accumulators that powered the early radios.

The accumulators couldn’t be charged at home like car batteries as they needed a proper charge. Once charged, they would be delivered to the customers and swapped out for flat batteries. Archie was one of the first to build his own battery crystal set.

Over time, the property was used for car repairs and vehicle sales and then moved onto vehicle rental, starting with just 9 cars.

This has then grown to the company it is today with 13 sites across Surrey, Hampshire, South London and Canterbury with over 1500 vehicles from small cars up to large trucks and Minibuses.