Congestion Charge

The hirer is responsible for paying the daily Congestion Charge fee of £15.00 when they travel into the Congestion Zone. It should be paid on the day you enter the Congestion Charging zone, however, you do have until midnight the next working day to pay (although it is a slightly higher charge at £17.50 if not paid on the day). You can pay via the internet or by phone 0333 200 1000. Please ensure you enter the correct registration number (check the make and model listed is the same as the one on your rental agreement).  Please record and keep the receipt details.

For details of the area covered by the zone please consult the Transport for London website and when driving look out for signs saying you are entering the Congestion Charging and a large white ‘C’ painted on the road.

Failure to pay the congestion charge will result in Kendalls having to complete paperwork on your behalf, to then transfer the PCN into the hirer’s name which results in a admin fee to cover costs along with the original fine from TFL. Minimum charge is £25.00 + TFL charge.